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Management--La Lette De Bord & Ruthi Coats
Accounting--Roseann O'Dea
Office Staff-- Tracy Thole, Jennifer Carruthers 

Traders--La Lette De Bord,   Ruthi Coats,   Kyle Starkey,  Tricia Berry,   Gwen Azbell,   Andrew CoatsMike Bontrager

La Lette De Bord -
Email: lalette@midwestingredients.com
Office: (309) 385-1035 Ext: 15
Fax: (309) 385-1036

La Lette began as a partner of MWI in the fall of 1994 after working several years for a feed grinding facility in Speer, IL. La Lette enjoys developing relationships with new suppliers and the diversity of trading food and feed products. She specializes in Pet Food, Candies, Bear Bait, and Dry mixes for feed use.
Ruthi Coats -
Email: ruthi@midwestingredients.com
Office: (309) 385-1035 Ext: 13
Fax: (309) 385-1036

I have been in the feed industry since 1988 and greatly value the industry and the people in it. I supply solutions to waste stream products in pet food plants, starch manufacturers and other like products. I also supply products, both standard and by-products,  into the animal feed industry; specializing in supplying swine, poultry, and the mink industry. I've learned that 24 / 7 service is needed and I am here to supply you with that. I enjoy my family which includes 4 sons and 10 daughters, and advocating for children to be adopted worldwide.
Kyle Starkey -
Email: kyle@midwestingredients.com
Office: (309) 253-7911
Fax: (309) 385-1036

I have been with Midwest Ingredients for over 10 years and have been working with food by-products into feed and sourcing other feedstuffs for nearly 20 years. I enjoy assisting clients to increase their profits. I'm here to help you, whether its landfill diversion, developing recycling solutions or hunting down just the right feed product and keeping you supplied.
  Tricia Berry -
Email: tricia@midwestingredients.com
Office: (417) 647-2160
Fax: (417) 647-2159

In our struggling economy I, through Midwest Ingredients, am able to reduce the amount of waste stream, off spec, and distressed ingredients that are produced at various food manufacturers. These products are bought and sold as feed ingredients throughout the US cattle and swine farms, as well as, mills and other feed manufacturing facilities. Whether it is dry or liquid - bagged or bulked, these products are recycled as feed in lieu of land filling or saturating the environment. The use of a lesser expensive by-product vs higher priced feed increases the buyers purchasing power.

Gwen Azbell -
Email: gwen@midwestingredients.com
Office: (309) 784-2045
Fax: (309) 784-2046

I joined Midwest Ingredients in June 2004 and have come to view my profession as an energetic combination of "recycling" and "creative problem-solving". Whether working with feed mills, nutritionists, or animal producers in the swine, beef, dairy, and poultry industries to maximize purchasing power, or working with manufacturers to efficiently utilize overproduction, handle by-product waste streams, or depackaging product and converting it to the best feed usage, we have the knowledge and experience to bring value to the relationship.

Some of the areas in which I specialize are dairy powders/milk replacers, sweeteners, and the growing aquaculture industries as well as conventional and organic food and feed products.
Andrew Coats -
Email: andrew@midwestingredients.com
Office:  (309) 385-1035 x 19
Fax:  (309) 385-1036

I joined Midwest Ingredients in 2009 after working in the transportation industry. I enjoy the challenge of finding alternate uses for waste stream products. Turning off spec or expired food stuffs into feed opportunity ingredients creates a profit stream for your company and gives the livestock feeders lower cost options to reduce their overhead feed costs. Some of the areas in which I specialize are milk powders, fat powders, and milk replacers.
  Mike Bontrager -
Email: mike@midwestingredients.com
Office: (417) 625-1905
Fax: (417) 625-1930

I have worked with the feed and pet food industry for the past 34 years and managed numerous plants throughout the Midwest during those years. Most of those years making capital and process improvements, but also worked on developing sustainable solutions through rework and recycle programs. I have worked with a lot of great people and great companies.  I came to Midwest Ingredients to continue helping people with sustainable solutions. Let us help you and your organization with food or feed items, regardless of what it is. I am also available for consulting within the pet food industry.

Midwest Ingredients, Inc.
103 West Main St.  PO Box 186
Princeville, IL 61559
Phone: (309) 385-1035
Fax: (309) 385-1036


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